Build a Strong Argument for Your Freedom

Build a Strong Argument for Your Freedom

Consult with a criminal defense attorney
based in Tampa, Florida

When you receive the news that you're facing criminal charges, you feel your stomach drop in an instant. You need help, and Bridges Law is here for you. Mr. Bridges offers criminal defense services throughout the Tampa, Florida area. Whether you're facing misdemeanor or felony charges, he will be there to fight for your rights and advocate for your innocence.

Mr. Bridges has experience with cases in state and federal courts. Set up your free consultation by calling 813-609-0071 now.

If you're being arrested on suspicion of a crime, the last thing you want to do is incriminate yourself even further. Following the right steps will help you build your case effectively.

As soon as you're placed under arrest, you need to:

  • Be polite. Being rude or belligerent will only make things worse. If you try to resist arrest, you could be charged with additional crimes.
  • Ask for an attorney. Under the Constitution, you have a right to representation.
  • Do not make any statements or answer any questions. Don't say anything until your attorney is with you.
Speaking with a criminal defense attorney could be the difference between a guilty and not guilty verdict. Contact Mr. Bridges now for more information.